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Welcome to ScrollMania

Finding Expanding Uses for the Scroll Saw

Welcome to Scrollmania, the site dedicated the advancement of the scroll saw, as a tool of design and artisan craft.

I got my first scroll saw about 25 years ago and immediately fell in love with the craft. I am interested three dimensional curves and shape transformation and I have spent the last 15 years designing bowls and baskets. I have developed tools and techniques that I would like to share here. Others who have something to share are encouraged to submit their ideas.

PolyDraw Is Up and Running

PolyDraw and PolyAnalyze are software tools to allow you to design your own bowls or baskets. There are a series of tutorials to get you started.

PolyDraw now has Scallops

At Carol Rothman's request I have added this new feature. With Polydraw if you set the #ofWaves to 7 and the WaveAmplitude to 0.25", you get get a poly with seven waves that have a +/- 0.25" amplitude. Change the #ofWaves to -7 and you get seven scallops with a 0.25" amplitude. Make the WaveAmplitude negative and you get inverted scallops (burrs). Try it out!

AngleCalc Is Up and Running!

AngleCal is a software tool that allows you to calculate the cutting angle for your saw given the thickness of the wood and the width of the ring. Is does not require any math.

bfCalc Is Up and Running!

bfCalc is a software tool that allows you to calculate the number of board feet in a board. If you can get the internet on your cell phone, you can use it where you buy lumber. You can also use it to practice estimating a boards cost. A 8ft long, 6inch wide, 4/4 board is 4bf

Questions or Comments?

If there is something you don't understand, please email me. Also, your feedback, both good and bad,is important. Send email to

Dave Van Ess